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BBC 3 Day Weather Feed
Tonight: Light CloudWind Speed: 9mph
Visibility: Good

Pressure: 1012mb
Minimum Temperature: 4°C (39°F)
Wind Direction: South Easterly
Humidity: 89%
UV Risk: 0
Pollution: Low
Sunset: 16:07 GMT
Wednesday: Light CloudWind Direction: South Easterly
Wind Speed: 11mph

Visibility: Good
Maximum Temperature: 8°C (47°F)
Minimum Temperature: 3°C (38°F)
Pressure: 1011mb
Humidity: 78%
UV Risk: 0
Pollution: Low
Thursday: Light CloudWind Direction: Easterly
Wind Speed: 12mph

Visibility: Good
Maximum Temperature: 7°C (45°F)
Minimum Temperature: 6°C (42°F)
Pressure: 1004mb
Humidity: 85%
UV Risk: 0
Pollution: Low

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The Weather Underground app for iPhone and Android devices provides the world's most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts in addition to interactive radar, satellite maps and severe weather alerts.

Our Weather Station name is: Pitsford Reservoir - IBRIXWOR2

Northampton Sailing Club
Pitsford Reservoir
Tel: 01604 880248

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