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Latest COVID-19 Update 21st May

Dear member, 
I committed to write to you last Friday with an update. I am pleased to say that we have made some limited progress. Whilst, regrettably we do not have agreement for use of the water the good news is the Club grounds will be open to all members this weekend. 
A comprehensive risk assessment has been undertaken by our COVID Risk team, which has considered how we all might mitigate risk.  Here are their findings and recommendations.  
The clubhouse and all other buildings will remain locked with the exception of the gents toilet which will for the interim be a unisex toilet

The Government Guidelines for England are now that you can:
  • meet one other person from a different household outdoors following social distancing guidelines
  • exercise outdoors as often as you wish following social distancing guidelines
  • use outdoor sports courts or facilities, such as a tennis or basketball court, or golf course with members of your household, or one other person while staying 2 metres apart
As before you cannot
  • gather in a group of more than two (excluding members of your own household).  This allows multiple people from the same household to gather together at the club.
Additional Precautions / Rules:
The risk of Coronavirus is reducing, but a significant risk remains particularly via transmission to vulnerable people (principally older people and those with pre-existing conditions).
All members wishing to come to the club must follow Government guidance and observe the following rules prior to or when at the club:
  • If you are symptomatic or have been in contact with others that require you to self-isolate, you must not come to the club
  • Those who have been declared vulnerable and advised to self-isolate should continue to do so
  • Observe Social Distancing at all times (i.e. the 2m rule), avoid touching shared surfaces and where possible wipe clean those that you have touched;
  • The clubhouse will remain locked. Key-holders must and will not open the clubhouse or any other building
  • No catering or bar facilities will be available.  Please bring your own provisions and take any waste home 
  • The BBQ facilities must not be used.
  • The unisex toilet will be left unlocked, only one member at a time please and wipe down surfaces after use with the cleaning materials provided;
  • The disabled toilet facilities can be opened upon request. Please contact one of the General Committee or Sailability representatives. 
  • Only members are allowed to visit the club - strictly no guests
  • No on the water activities
  • The site will be open Initially on Sat and Sun between 10am and 6pm
Access to the site is also further restricted by an additional locked gate, all members should have received an email (or viewed the facebook members group) relating to the lock and how to gain access. Clearly, this gate is common to all so it is recommended that members mitigate any risk by the use of personal hand sanitiser or gloves. 
The General Committee Risk team will review how the initial period of opening has gone and hope to extend it if possible. An update will be provided on Sunday evening/Monday morning

I trust you will agree that this lifting of restrictions is a step in the right direction. Regrettably, as much as we would wish otherwise, we are not at liberty to act alone, but I hope that you will be able to take advantage of coming to the club again. 

We continue to work with the AWA and others to find a way to open fully.  In the meantime I am certain so long as people respect the guidelines and rules set out above, as well as exercising common sense, we will be back on the water soon.

Please enjoy yourselves safely
Regards - Miles Odell - Commodore 
21/05/2020 12:42:04
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